Stretching watercolor paper

You're left with fingermarks or maybe greasy deposits on the paper that you only notice when you get home. There are traps in stretching, so learning with A4 size paper is advisable. You can buy heavier weight paper. Make sure all surfaces get wet front and back and continually move the paper around.

The water runs to the bottom and pulls the paper away from the top. Whatever paper you choose, use the heaviest sheet you can afford, for the simple reason that it will be more robust and less likely to be bent in long term storage. Lay a strip of brown paper tape on a hard surface, glue up.

You can buy watercolor paper in rolls - typically about 60" wide and 10 or more yards long. We know sizing makes the paper less absorbent. Archival mounting tape is available at art supply stores, or you can purchase paper packaging tape from an office supply store.

Allow the paper to dry naturally in a flat position. If you did everything right, you will not be able to remove it. He commences painting and when the glisten and sogginess are gone, but the paper is still evenly damp, he applies the gummed tape to the edges.

Two sticks in each corner and one stick in the middle of each long side are enough for a 22x30 sheet. It is not easy to iron this out. Have a look at the picture above. Soak your paper, position it on your board and blot the excess water from paper surface and edges.

If you choose to leave the tape on and cut off the edge, you must use archival tape to avoid any possibility of discoloring the paper. Instead, cut along the inner edge of the brown paper tape and remove your painting.


Paper Tape The tape used to attach your paper to the mounting surface is coated with water-activated adhesive. Additional sizing is applied as coats on the paper's outside layers front and back surfaces.

This surface will stay relatively flat as you work and the finished painting will dry perfectly flat. Philip Markham always stretches his paper and makes these points: If you are working on heavyweight paper and do not intend using large washes or you are using gouache or acrylic then you do not have to stretch the paper, however the benefit of stretching your paper is the freedom to use as much water as you want, when you want.

Well, the same thing would happen to paper, if it is not sized. Gator board is a composite of dense Polystyrene foam covered with a moisture resistant surface. This is what allows it to shrink flat when you do it right hence the term stretching your watercolor paper.

Position dry paper on mounting board. Choose a method of attaching the paper to a support. Wet the tape, running it between finger and thumb to remove excess water and lay carefully along the paper edge, with the tape half on the paper, half on the board. Mark edges with a pencil.

Is it wet enough? If you are uncomfortable putting your painting under water, mist the back side of the paper.

Technique: How to Stretch a Paper

If you paint on a watercolor block, you must wait until your painting dries completely before removing it from the block. A staple gun is a necessity! There are four faults that are the most common reasons for failure when stretching paper: Alternatives and tips You can stretch smaller, lighter-weight sheets with thumb tacks.

Pads are normally spiral wire bound. For detail work, which I prefer to do on the last stages of my painting, I mostly use dry brush so even with less sizing, I still maintain enough control over my paint application.

These spots will resist any color placed on it. Any artist who has ever put paint to watercolor paper will lose a fair few sheets to experience.

Remove the gripper rods by inserting a screwdriver under the rod at the corner where there is a cutout.pound watercolor paper is probably the strongest, heaviest paper you will ever need. This weight of paper is like card stock and needs no stretching.

This weight of paper is like card stock and needs no stretching. What does it mean to stretch watercolor paper? Why and how would you do it? The main reason people stretch their watercolor paper, is because when it gets wet it expands creating cockles or wrinkles.

This article shows several techniques to stretch watercolor paper. Why stretch watercolour paper? Watercolour paper of a weight gsm or less is bound to warp, buckle and cockle if you paint with flowing washes on a half sheet size or larger. Watercolor Paper Shop/Filter. Sort.

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Can I use regular adhesive tape to stretch watercolour paper?

Back To Paper. Categories. Art & Illustration Boards Paper legion paper yupo white watercolor pad, 11" x 14" $ Quickview. bee paper® aquabee® watercolor paper pack $ Quickview. strathmore® series watercolor sheet. Quick Overview Gatorfoam Board has an exceptionally rigid surface quality and is very durable.

Gatorboard is lightweight, durable and great for stretching watercolor paper. Made the traditional way, on a cylinder mould, this paper has a harmonious natural grain. Thanks to this method, the fibres are evenly distributed, the paper slackens uniformly when wet.

Its composition with long fibres of % cotton gives the paper its strength, beauty, a natural, lasting whiteness and an inimitable touch.

ARCHES® is the.

Stretching watercolor paper
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