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Any sexual passion could lead to adultery or incest and therefore threatened the social order. The family knows and must accept that it will be attacked for No Name Woman's transgression of the community's social code of how women should behave, which explains its reported passivity and resignation to the ransacking.

Her mother talked-story orally; she talks-story in print.

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However, if they betrayed tradition, they would be ostracized. Themes[ edit ] Necessity and extravagance[ edit ] In an essay about The Woman Warrior, Sau-Ling Cynthia Wong writes about "the protagonist's struggle toward a balance between self-actualization and social responsibility In times of plenty, notes Kingston, adultery might have been "only a mistake"; when the villagers needed everyone to work together to provide food, however, it became a crime.

Brave Orchid's story about Kingston's aunt is a cautionary tale meant to discourage the young Kingston from engaging in premarital sex; hopefully, the fear of humiliation, No name woman, and death will serve sufficiently as a deterrent for sexual promiscuity.

She obeyed him; she always did as she was told. She tells the story of the No Name Woman, her husband's deceased sister. Participating in an anti-war protest in Washington, D. In another, her aunt harbors a slowly blossoming passion, attempting to attract a man's attention by carefully tending to her appearance.

Kingston admits that one of the ways she works to bring these two together is to speak Chinese while writing or typing in English. Brave Orchid may have believed that the story would prevent her daughter from having sexual relations outside marriage and thereby bringing shame upon the family, but the daughter interprets the story according to values she can relate to, namely individualism and a strong, nurturing sense of womanhood.

I am practically a first daughter of a first daughter. Talking Story, was released in Virginia broke through constraints of time, of gender, of culture. Kingston, looking back on the story later, thinks about the world in which she was raised, an "invisible world" of ghosts transposed from Chinese rural life into the emigrants' new homes in America.

Shunned by her family, the aunt gave birth in a pigsty, alone. The elements of Chinese society merge together towards the end of the story.

Tong further stated, based on The Woman Warrior's fictionalized elements and inaccuracies about Chinese culture and history, that Kingston manipulates her white audience by giving them what they think is Chinese culture, which in reality is only a caricature based on Western stereotypes of Chinese people.The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellman's The Shooting - The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellman's The Shooting Works Cited Missing Generally forgotten by critics, and classified as alternately a cult classic and a B-movie (in reference to both its budget and its reception), Monte Hellman's The Shooting is a film worth revisiting.

"The Girl with No Name" is a very interesting read. It speaks to the human spirit and fight for survival. I expected this book to contain more psychoanalytic information about Marina Chapman and her experiences/5(). The look into Chinese culture in No Name Woman was very interesting to say the least.

The story builds on the concept of the gender roles of males and females and what is /5. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts is a book written by Chinese American author Maxine Hong Kingston and published by Alfred A.

Knopf in The book blends autobiography with what Kingston Publisher: Knopf. Jump to "No Name Woman" She tells the story of the No Name Woman, her husband s deceased sister.

Maxine Hong Kingston

Themyscira (pronounced Them-mes-skera) is an island nation in the DC Comics universe, and place of origin to its princess, Diana. In the story, No Name Woman, we are taken into the world of a woman who has sexual relations outside of her marriage and ends up pregnant.

We soon discover that because of the patriarchal system in China duringthe pregnant woman was probably forced by a male in the village to submit to sexual demands (Kingston).

No name woman
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