Iodination of salicylamide with nai bleach

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Homework Help: Bleach Oxidation Reactions

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The following year presented him with that in the shape of the first mile section of the M1. Use a filter to keep the iodine. Stereoselective hydrogenation of 57 with H2 over PtO2 in hot acetic acid and in the presence of ammonium acetate yielded saturated azasteroid 58, which was dehydrogenated with DDQ in the presence of bis trimethylsilyl trifluoroacetamide BSTFA 59 in refluxing dioxane to give Dissolve the salicylamide in 20 ml of absolute ethanol, warming the flask with your hand to speed up the dissolution.

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Determination of the identity of a compound that has no prior history.Procedure: Iodination of Vanillin1 Place a stir bar in a 50 mL round-bottom flask2, and dissolve 1 g of vanillin (3-methoxyhydroxybenzaldehyde) in 20 mL of 90% ethanol.

To this solution, add equivalents of sodium iodide ( g) and cool the reaction to 0°C with an ice-water bath on a stir plate. and iodine show three fundamentally different effects (7). They are capable of oxidizing alcohols and amines, of replacing active hydrogen atoms by halogen atoms, and cleaving certain.

bleach (chlorine water) to the first test tube, 1 ml of bromine water to the second, and 1 ml of iodine water to the third. Note the separation of the mixture into two layers. Jul 10,  · When mixing the bleach with the unknown reagent that I had, I got a gas that vaguely smelled of eggs.

In any case, it didn't smell great and I think it was SO 2. The experimentally derivied stoichiometric experiments were 4 for NaClO and 1 for the unknown.

What is iodine?

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Iodination of salicylamide with nai bleach
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