Comparative study of sales and distribution network of hul and p g

P has some of the strongest brands in the world that usually provide it a significant competitive advantage. However, a shampoo case of 10 kg got them Rs HLL and Ogilvy Outreach recruited local magicians, dancers, and actors who knew each market and village that the company wanted to target.

How does he evaluate brands? The growing demand for organic products and rising health concerns have caused individuals to prefer detergents, soap and hand wash without any added chemicals. At the same time Patel recognised that there was a vacuum in the rural Indian market for an affordable detergent.

The companies have different mix of enzymes and add-ons that provides a particular attribute to a brand. For Tide, brand reinforcement is required to maintain current market share.

Butler, Since HLL had been working on a new NSD non-soap detergent 7 powder and in the next few years they conducted sample consumer research on it. Cinthol has also focused on sponsoring the different events like marathon and mud gaming tournament which is focused to use soap and deo after such events which became big hits.

Rural Indias million people were spread across a country the size of continental Western Europe. This will help them promoting the product along value chain and also enhance the shelf space for the product.

P has lesser promotional offers compare to HUL. Patanjali Ayurved is one the fastest growing FMCG companies in India, which focuses on food, healthcare and medicinal products. But Ranganathan realised that these people had nowhere to go.

HLLs innovation started with their definition of the market. While O and M has a number of operations and divisions in India, the one of special interest for the Wheel campaign is Ogilvy Outreach, the non-profit arm of Ogilvy and Mather.

Nirma market share Market share volume Surf Nirma In total, 50 teams of 30 performers were recruited to serve as connections between the brands and the residents. Aware that soda ash, the main raw material for his product, was abundant in Gujarat, Patel set up shop in the vicinity.

This market requires low priced fabric whitener. Bargaining power of buyers is high in detergent industry because, o Individual customers are price sensitive and can easily switch to another detergent brand without any additional cost.

The advertisements of Patanjali has been aggressive where they have showcased the importance of using natural and ayurvedic ways of making products. His efforts finally yielded a pale whitish yellow powder that he named Nirma, after his then one-year-old daughter Niranjana.

The protagonist Lalitaji was a responsible and discerning housewife who compared buying cheap tomatoes that were not healthy for her family to more expensive tomatoes that would make her children strong.

Patanjali Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

It should give the user flexibility to choose his regional language and text and advertisements should be displayed accordingly 24 P a g e Market Plan for P Detergents References Indiastat. The revenues of the company have also been segmented on the basis of regional sales and distribution channel.

The rising demand from metropolitan cities and new variants of honey is expected to boost the revenue from the sale of honey in the future. By launching a washing powder they encouraged people to move from the club to the bucket. In doing so, HLL has created a replicable model.

Tide is capturing market share of smaller players in the detergent market. Outreach specialised in advertising to low-income consumers and specifically to those in the rural areas.

Due to the scale of his product and the simple non-mechanised production process, Nirma gained a number of tax and excise benefits for not using electricity. As the industry is price sensitive, reduction in price of Tide or Ariel may lead to price wars as had happened before between P and Unilever.

Now, almost three decades after he started the company, CavinKare is looking to raise funds.Leverage ompany’s paper & printing expertise and distribution network - Classmate, Saathi and Paperkraft brands continue to enhance market standing Industry growth driven by increasing literacy and enhanced scale of government and public-private education initiatives Classmate is the Market leader in Notebooks segment.

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It hints at how the various FMCG categories need to respond to the impending turmoil in the market place in terms of prioritization (of markets) and distribution. In the end, it also discusses a case study of a successful handling of Business Consulting ITC Infotech.

Key Metrics: Leading from the front the functioning of the Group in different sectors, Business Consultancy (Coca Cola, HUL & P&G), Real Estate (development & sales) and Manpower Supply. Achievement: Successfully created different verticals to the Director at Al Khudair International.

previously dominated by big shot companies like HUL, P&G and Nestle. With recording net sales worth Rs. crores last year and (advertising & promotion) spends or distribution network. Competitive analysis in the Marketing strategy of Dabur – Dabur cannot afford to have one single policy for competing effectively against its competitors.

It is operating in the highly competitive FMCG market which consists of big MNC’s Like HUL, P&G, Pepsico etc. Patanjali will invest in the improvement of its manufacturing facility and distribution network in order to ensure that the supply of spices matches the growing demand for this product.

Expected financial Performance of Patanjali Ayurved Limited, FY’FY’ HUL. P&G. Himalaya Drug Company. Johnson and Johnson. Zydus Wellness.

Comparative study of sales and distribution network of hul and p g
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