Bechtel power corporation s use of objective

Alberts, a fitter, served as Charles Ligons' foreman from approximately September 14, when Ligons was rehired by Bechtel to January 15, one month prior to his second layoff. Ligon in order to pass the test.

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There is 1- discussion question that needs to be answered after reading the Case Study. Departments of Defense and Energy.

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This action could be done times an hour. After approximately one month of training, Ligons qualified only to perform plate welding, the least difficult type of welding.

Iowa, December 20,are not the subject of this appeal. Bechtel and the Romanian National Roads Authority jointly agreed on a settlement to end the contract for works on the Autostrada Transilvania in When asked why he opposed Ligons' layoff, Antriking responded that he felt that no one should be laid off unless the job was finished.

Ligons was rehired in September. The company built roads, bridges, and highways throughout the western United States.

We agree with the district court's determination that the company effectively rebutted Ligons' prima facie showing of disparate treatment in both its testing and layoffs of Ligons, as well as its determination that the testing procedures for upgrading welder's qualifications had a manifest relationship to the welding jobs for which they were used.

For employment as a fitter, a person had to proceed through the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Union hall. Claims brought by Ligons pursuant to 42 U. As noted previously, fitters and welders were separately classified at Palo.

He required further training and testing for recertification.


At the time of his second layoff, he was performing the less sophisticated, plate welding techniques. The aerospace industry spurred the innovation of new ways to weld thin metal. A disadvantage of ultrasonic welding is how many variables involved.

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Ligons was informed that he was eligible for rehire when more welders were needed. Agency for International Development.

Automobiles today use ultrasonic welding to attach most all subsystems, and because of this it completely changed the auto industry. As mandated by McDonnell Douglas, supra, U. The 10 most recent jobs posted by Bechtel are listed below for your convenience.

Under his leadership, the Hoover Dam was finished in For 1/2 a century, Bechtel has been a global leader in the design, engineering, procurement & construction of thermal and nuclear-fueled power plants. ROSS, Circuit Judge. Charles E. Ligons appeals from a judgment of the district court 1 rejecting his claims brought pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act ofas amended, 42 U.S.C.

§ e, et seq. 2 In that action Ligons alleged that his employer, Bechtel Power Corporation, had discriminated against him on the basis of race in its employment testing and layoff practices. Our vision. Be the world’s premier engineering, construction, and project management organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

Nitrogen Rejection. The objective of Nitrogen Rejection is to remove Nitrogen from feed residue gas to produce a treated stream with minimal nitrogen and an improved lower heating value (LHV) specification. The primary objective of implementing the deepwater intake technology is to locate the withdrawal inlet se-lectively in deeper waters where, in theory, biological abundance will be lower.

This relocation offers the BECHTEL P BECHTEL POWER CORPORATION. REPORT ISSUED JULY Successfully represented New Athens Generating Company, LLC, in a series of complex arbitrations against Bechtel Power Corporation, resulting in one of the largest liquidated damages awards in the history of the construction industry.

Bechtel power corporation s use of objective
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