A path to salvation

And now I have done it. Its format has proven especially popular with university students and professionals, given its resemblance to higher education courses.

By [our choosing] conversion, nobody can say or feel that one society has been split up. It does not have to be a long period of time. Political rights are based on population. What is the good in saying, "You have freedom of trade," to a person who is deprived of any business by virtue of his birth, by the society?

No change according to times and circumstances is possible. My conversion is not for any material gain. But is there a system anywhere existing, except in Hindu religion and Hindu society, where a man is treated [as] so low as [for others] not to touch him? Now I turn to the main subject.

He showed us His love by giving us the potential for life through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. Today, I wish to know your decision on the first part. Knowing full well that the oppression of the Untouchables by the Hindus is most unjustified, they do not rush to the rescue of the Untouchables.

You are not employed in the police department on account of your untouchability.

The Path To Salvation

Find a local church where you can worship God. In reply to a question, the Englishman said with great pride, "We shall fight the war till the last Frenchman dies.

And I believe the public opinion judged through the meetings of each caste separately will be more representative and reliable than the opinion arrived at through a common meeting of all the Untouchable castes.

A religion in which the individual has no importance is not acceptable to me. What financial strength can you have? As for those who feel this reference of law to be insufficient, their attention is drawn to the circumstances prevalent in Nagar District.

By your actions, you have proved the necessity of a change of name. Hinduism has marred your progress from all sides. What did Jesus and His apostles say about the path to salvation, the way to eternal life?

The instances of beating by the caste Hindus for the simple reason that you have claimed the right to enroll your children in the Government school, or the right to draw water from the public well, or the right to take out a marriage procession with the groom on horseback, are very common.

If you ask them why do they not help you, they would say, "What business do we have to interfere? What should be the real nature of religion? Taken in its widest sense, as deliverance from dangers and ills in general, most religions teach some form of it.

I hope this has been good food for your thoughts.

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What is the reason that most of our educated persons are unemployed today? If we are to die in our struggle for freedom, what is the use of fighting at the wrong place? So long as you do not have strength, you and your future generations will have to lead a life in the same pitiable condition.

And that is why you are more in need of breaking the bondage of the mental slavery of this religion than is any other community. He said the way to life was difficult and narrow, found by few - Mt 7: Nobody believes that the Hindu religion is dirty.

It is therefore asked what right these people have to expect from others the non-observance of the practice of untouchability, when they themselves practice casteism and untouchability amongst themselves. So Ananda, what more can I tell to the Bhikkhu Sangh?

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In this case, all the hatred, contempt, etc. To imitate Him as our Mentor - Lk 6: So nobody should be afraid of it. Some Hindus attend the meetings of the Untouchables and rebuke the caste Hindus.The sinner’s prayer is the beginning of your way down the path to salvation.

“God, I acknowledge that I am a sinner.

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I repent of my sins, and I accept your son, Jesus, as my savior. The Path to Salvation: A Manual of Spiritual Transformation [St. Theophan the Recluse, Seraphim Rose, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood] on ltgov2018.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Patristic literature provides an age-old, tried and tested model of spiritual life, foreign to fleeting fashions. Throughout the last two thousand years/5(15). "the path to salvation" introduction 1. In June ofthe Pew Forum On Religion & Public Life released a U.S.

Religious Landscape Survey based on interviews with 35, American adults 2. Simply put, God's plan of salvation is the divine romance recorded in the pages of the Bible. An Easy Explanation of Biblical Salvation Biblical salvation is God's way of providing his people deliverance from sin and spiritual death through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

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No progress can be made without change. Conversion is a sort of change. And if no progress can be made without change, i.e.

conversion, obviously conversion becomes essential. The ancestral religion cannot be a hindrance in the path of a progressive man. There is still one more argument against conversion. They say, "Conversion is a sort of escapism.

Path of Meditation - followers achieve salvation through mediation and or deep thinking about Brahman. Intense mediation leads to a trance-like state through which the follower acquires knowledge of truth and becomes one with the Brahman.

A path to salvation
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