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One might think of them as elongations of the third beat to cover the fourth, giving those lines a sense of finality and closure because of the double-long unit at the end. Again and again, she explicitly defeats Christian expectations of what comes after death or of the nature of God.

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The speaker is in the cemetery, left to wonder at her progress from the moment of her first encounter with Death, with his promise of immortality, to her present situation. Pocket the money, buy some sort of major medical policy and stay the hell away from this horrible company!

Dickinson means for us to regard the word ironically. The ballad measure is also called the common measure because it is used for hymns in the early versions of the Book of Common Prayer; it is often used for other Christian hymns as well such as, for example, the American hymn "Amazing Grace".

Words realize a pattern of four beats, then three, then four beats, then three.

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This brings to mind her cryptic poem on the spider whose web was his 'Strategy of Immortality. That poetry itself is Dickinson's religious alternative to Christianity is clear from the conclusion of no.

The phrase emphasizes the speaker's passivity, assigning the human task to nature, animating the grain. The speaker enters the carriage as a believer, immortal soul intact, but the adult Dickinson was not such a one in the conventional sense.

Death and his carriage also recede.

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712 more things to write about review
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